One Consequence of Cannabis Legalization is Market Saturation


In the same way resin gums up your bong stem, an overabundance of quality cannabis has gummed up Oregon’s marijuana economy. For Willamette Week, Katie Shepherd and Matt Stangel examine this young hot industry’s newfound problem: too much weed, man. The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission cannot limit the number of operating licenses it provides to growers and dispensaries, and yet, in the summer of 2018, Oregon’s cannabis growers will double. Who the hell is going to smoke / vape / eat / illegally transport all of this weed? In the meantime, the glut has forced dispensaries to sell grams at unsustainably low prices, and hardworking growers are gauging if and when they’ll have to switch to other crops. The frontier has taken a new form out West.

This month, WW spoke to two dozen people across Oregon’s cannabis industry. They describe a bleak scene: Small businesses laying…

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